David C. Low, MSE, MS, LMFT, Marriage and Family Therapist

David is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who has been working with couples, families, and individuals since 1996.

David specializes in helping clients of all ages experiencing distress that is negatively impacting their emotional well-being, close relationships, and social, school or work functioning.

His specialty areas include but are not limited to: couples/marital difficulties, parenting challenges, blended family issues; and individuals having difficulty coping with a distressing life event, long standing difficulties associated with past traumatic events, mood, and anxiety related problems.

David also provides services to those who are managing well in life but want help reaching goals, or seeking to make a change in their life in the most efficient, effective and rewarding way possible. David also provides pre-marital counseling and help for couples wanting to strengthen, better understand, and improve their relationships.

David works collaboratively with clients and strives to form a strong therapeutic relationship ensuring each client views him as non-judgmental, genuine, understanding, trustworthy and that they are confident he has their best interest at heart.

One of David’s top priorities is to make sure that the clients who come to see him benefit and achieve the results they are wanting. For this reason, he uses several approaches that research shows to be effective. In addition, in each session he involves his clients in the monitoring progress to track whether the therapy is being helpful and to identify when adjustments are needed along the way in order to tailor therapy to ensure a successful outcome.

David began college at the University of Canterbury, England. He transferred to the University of Wisconsin where he earned his bachelor’s degree in psychology, and his first clinical master’s degree. He was first licensed as a therapist in Wisconsin. In 2000 he moved to Great Britain where he completed a second clinical master’s degree at the University of London. He practiced for 14 years in England before returning to Wisconsin in 2014.

David also currently works for Aurora Family Service as a Mental Health Consultant, and is on faculty at their Family Therapy Training Institute where he teaches and supervises students training to be Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists.

To get in touch with David Low, please call 414-949-5132 or email david.low1964@gmail.com